1. Dr. Bares Award, Idea



Financial reward

47 500 EUR



If you have any questions regarding the Dr. Bares Award competition, contact the Organiser by e-mail at Dr-Bares-Award@promed.cz.

Winning works

1st Place

Roman Škulec
Czech Republic
Inhaled furosemide – candidate for universal symptomatic emergency treatment of acute dyspnea

2nd Place

Nina Kholopkina
Russian Federation
Rebamipide in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

3rd Place

Natália Bystrianska
Slovak Republic
Fecal microbiota transplantation for severe alcoholic hepatitis

4th Place

Elena Goleva
Russian Federation
Treatment of swallowing disorders after stroke

5th Place

Ibragim Sabirov
Kyrgyz Republic
The possibility of using nicorandil for the treatment of portal hypertension in patients with concomitant coronary heart disease

610th Place

Vladimir Syutkin
Russian Federation
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor: Possible adjuvant in vaccination against hepatitis B in liver transplant recipients

Jana Matoušková
Czech Republic
Ivabradine works well in patients with inappropriate sinus tachycardia

Gimat Dalgatov
Russian Federation
Application of the phenomenon of phagocytosis of perfluorocarbon emulsions for the prevention of fibrosis, keloidosis and adhesions

Natalia Prikhno
Russian Federation
The use of rebamipide in the treatment of patients with Barrett’s esophagus

Galina Zhukova
Republic of Kazakhstan
The use of sulpiride in the treatment of psychogenic pruritus

1. Dr. Bares Award, Idea