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Our company provides more than thousand qualified employees with the right environment to achieve professional self-actualisation. An international team composed of specialists from various countries and cultures work at our headquarters in Prague. But you’ll also find opportunities outside the Czech Republic. We have job openings in Slovakia, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you’d like to learn more about our company, manufacturing programme or research activities, visit the About Us section of the website.

About us
1000+ employees
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The key to success?
The right people

People make companies. We are aware that our employees are the key to success. But given our company’s specific focus, we also admit that we’re demanding. We know exactly what kind of person can succeed with us.

What do our successful colleagues
have in common?

Our employees are people who think differently. They have a unique way of considering things and they see connections that are hidden to most people. They view the world as an array of opportunities and they are able to select the most suitable ones. And once they decide to do something, they don’t stop until they’ve reached their goal.

5 good reasons to choose us


We’re different. We aren’t a corporation and we take pride in that.


Each one of us has a record of concrete results, and we’re rewarded for them.


We offer maximum support to people who live for their work.


Professional growth, training, attendance at conferences for your inspiration and development – those all go without saying when you work with us.


Our organisational structure is flat. That’s why every one of our employees has the opportunity to show the results of their work not only to their superiors, but also to the company management.

Benefits for our employees

Each of our branch offices has a customised benefit system specific to the region.


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