All disease
begins in the gut

The gastrointestinal tract performs a large number of far-reaching, sophisticated processes that are also somewhat contradictory: it is responsible for taking in and processing food, absorbing nutrients, obtaining energy, protecting the body against infiltration and the effects of external pathogenic noxae, and excreting undigested remnants and products of metabolism. We know that a properly functioning GIT is a basic prerequisite to maintain the body’s homeostasis – and thus a person’s health and general wellbeing. This is the primary reason why PRO.MED.CS Praha a. s. set out on the path to help patients suffering from diseases of the digestive tract.


We discovered the first building block for treatment in the bioorganic molecule that opened our understanding of hepatobiliary system diseases and launched pioneering research into the pathophysiology of hepatic metabolism in the human body. The knowledge we have allows us to continually innovate and cover areas with unmet clinical need. What drives us are the need and opportunity to help patients and their families live to the fullest every day.

Treatment of
liver disease

There are few fields of medicine that have seen such rapid progress in recent decades as hepatology. Because of this, an ever-increasing number of patients can enjoy a significant extension and improvement in their quality of life – or possibly even a total cure for their condition. In spite of these important advances, liver disease remains a major health burden in the current population. In Europe alone, tens of millions of patients suffer from a serious chronic liver disease.

cholestatic diseases

A diagnosis of a rare disease, such as primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), may represent a turning point in a person’s life. This life-shortening illness launches a chronic autoimmune inflammatory process associated with liver cholestasis. Unless it is adequately treated, the final phase culminates in biliary cirrhosis. PRO.MED.CS Praha a. s. is the leader in the treatment of PBC. The objective of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) pharmacotherapy is to prevent progression to the terminal phase, alleviate associated symptoms and improve the quality of patients’ lives.

A new era
in the treatment of NAFLD

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) represents a fundamental medical problem worldwide. Research is underway now that is aimed at finding effective, safe therapy. We are a part of this effort, and we are contributing to innovations focused on tackling NAFLD.

gastrointestinal disorders

Many people around the world suffer from chronic problems with constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and flatulence, and they do not realise that effective solutions do exist. Although functional gastrointestinal disorders such as irritable bowel disease or functional dyspepsia do not directly threaten patients’ lives, they can have a serious impact on their quality of life. For this group of patients, our products represent an effective therapeutic alternative which allows them to return to active life.

more than 50 medicinal products
over 200 indications
in more than 30 countries
about 2,000,000 patients every day


Pharmaceutical products in different countries

The medicinal products in our portfolio have strictly defined indications that are specific to individual countries. The information listed for each product complies with local legislation. Product availability, names, and indications for use may also vary from country to country. The list of medicines and active substances below is regularly updated.

AMBROSANambroxoli hydrochloridum
BETAXOLOL PMCSbetaxololi hydrochloridum
BISOPROLOL PMCSbisoprololi fumaras
CIFLOXINALciprofloxacini hydrochloridum monohydricum
COMBISObisoprololi fumaras, hydrochlorothiazidum
GODASALacidum acetylsalicylicum, glycinum
ITOPRID PMCSitopridi hydrochloridum
METEOSPASMYLalverini citras, simeticonum
MONOSANisosorbidi mononitras
PERINDOPRIL PMCSperindoprilum erbuminum
PROPANORMpropafenoni hydrochloridum
RIVOCORbisoprololi fumaras
RIVODARONamiodaroni hydrochloridum
SOLIFENACIN PMCSsolifenacini succinas
SPASMEDtrospii chloridum
TERFIMEDterbinafini hydrochloridum
TIAPRID PMCStiapridi hydrochloridum
URSOSANacidum ursodeoxycholicum
URSOSAN FORTEacidum ursodeoxycholicum
WARFARIN PMCSwarfarinum natricum clathratum
YLPIOtelmisartanum, indapamidum

We’re active in more than thirty countries around the world. To find out more about the availability of medicines in a particular country, select it from the list.

Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Georgia Germany Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Malaysia Moldova Mongolia Netherlands New Zealand Poland Russian Federation Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Tunisia Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uzbekistan Vietnam

Latest news

PRO.MED.CS reaches new markets

We’re pleased that we have been able to expand our operations, allowing us to help an ever-growing number of people around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic we became active in Malaysia, and we are continuing to make inroads this year. Preparations are underway for the launch of our first medicinal product on the UAE market.