Business partnerships

Business activities

We market our medicinal products in more than thirty countries via our own branch network in Europe and the Eurasian Economic Union and through partners in the rest of the world. Hand-in-hand with our company’s growth, we seek opportunities to expand our portfolio and presence around the world.


Gastroenterology, hepatology, cardiovascular medicine and CNS diseases are the key therapeutic areas of our operations. Even if your in-licensing proposal is outside our area of focus, we would be happy to learn about it. We seek new opportunities and we’re prepared to evaluate any asset that may bring added value to our customers and patients. We’re interested in fully-developed pharmaceutical forms as well as in innovative medicinal product candidates in the latter stages of clinical development.


We provide licences to market fully-developed dosage forms to customers on the expanding international market. We offer a number of pharmaceutical products and licensing projects from our proprietary and partnered development programmes.

Distribution & sales

We’re interested in exclusive regional licensing and distribution rights for medicinal products for human use (prescription and OTC) and consumer health products.

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Partnerships with medical professionals

We believe that listening to patients and understanding their needs is an essential part of our mission, as by doing so we can support healthcare professionals whose work helps patients each and every day.

We provide support to research teams and independent laboratories in the search for innovations, and we share the latest findings with scientists and physicians around the world.

International Symposium of Gastroenterology

The International Symposium of Gastroenterology (ISG) is the most important professional event that we organise. The event is focused on disseminating the latest scientific and practical medical information to healthcare professionals. The speed of progress in the field also depends on the ability to work with others and find common solutions. This is why we aim to build strong partnerships with medical researchers and practitioners around the world.

About the symposium

Dr. Bares Award

The Dr. Bares Award is an international award granted to the best papers published on experimental or clinical practice in gastroenterology and hepatology. We have held the competition since 1993, usually every two years.

To honour the memory of Dr. Rudolf O. Bares, the founder of the competition, the company’s general director of many years, and a major supporter of gastroenterology, the competition was renamed the Dr. Bares Award in 2005.

About the competition

International events and support for professional associations

Regular meetings with healthcare professionals around the world are inspiring. Without intensive exchanges of experience, advances in research and therapies for many diseases would be much slower. This is one reason why we are a longstanding partner of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic and why we fund and actively take part in selected professional events. These events include United European Gastroenterology Week and the International Liver Congress. We’re the Main Partner of the WGO’s international conference Gastro Prague.