PRO.MED.CS reaches new markets

We’re pleased that we have been able to expand our operations, allowing us to help an ever-growing number of people around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic we became active in Malaysia, and we are continuing to make inroads this year. Preparations are underway for the launch of our first medicinal product on the UAE market.

Business Portfolio — Jun 30, 2022

PRO.MED.CS is helping residents of Ukraine

Tens of thousands of packages of antibiotics, analgesics for emergency pain relief, anti-infectives, adrenaline, and medicines to treat cystic fibrosis are among the nearly eight hundred thousand packages of medicinal products that pharmaceutical companies have donated to Ukraine since early March under a project coordinated by the Czech Ministry of Health.

Social Responsibility — May 9, 2022

International Symposium of Gastroenterology postponed to 2023

We are postponing the 13th International Symposium of Gastroenterology until 2023 due to the current unstable situation in eastern Europe.

Congresses and events International Symposium of Gastroenterology — Mar 11, 2022